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Infrared Video

Experimenting with infrared video. A short travel clip shot with the Sony AX53 using a Nightshot mode and Hoya R72 infrared filter.  Video production by Renovatio Visuals. Location: Plastiras Lake, GREECE.        

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Long Exposure Infrared images with Fuji X100

Two images for today’s post (actually it’s one image in two different versions). Despite the mediocre infrared results i got from the Fuji X100 last time, I decided to give it one more shot (especially since I found a great … Continue reading

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Infrared images with the Fuji X100

The frequent readers of this blog will know that infrared photography is one of my favorite subjects. A design flaw of the Leica M8 camera lead to extra sensitivity to infrared light, and while a UV/IR is needed to make … Continue reading

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Fuji X100 infrared images

If you have visited this blog before, you will know that I like infrared photography. It all started with the acquisition of the Leica M8 and the fact that it’s IR filter is very weak. As a consequence I bought … Continue reading

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Rollei infrared film images (first roll)

I really love infrared images. The look of white foliage with black skies and the dramatic contrast it provides can produce wonderful images. I have shot many infrared images with the Leica M8 and the B+W 092 filter and the … Continue reading

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