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Meteora under infrared light

Meteora is a beautiful location in Greece, with monasteries built on a formation of rocks. Its really a unique place which I have visited many times and have literally taken thousands of photos. This weekend, the weather conditions were perfect … Continue reading

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Infrared images with B+W 099 filter

A couple of infrared photos taken with the B+W 099 filter. This is a filter I rarely use since it creates very weird looking photos, and few subjects really benefit from the use of the 099. Still, you can experiment … Continue reading

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Infrared images with B+W 099 orange IR filter

Well, it seems that this is “Infrared June”, since I just can’t stop shooting IR photos. I had limited my infrared setup to the B+W 092 filter and Voigtlander Skopar 21mm for quite some time, but recently I have tried … Continue reading

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