I am a fine art photographer and cinematographer living in Greece. Although I appreciate and enjoy the ease of digital photography , my true love is film. There is something in the process of working with film that really excites me and works for me, and of course the look of a film image which is more close to my personal taste. 

I mainly shoot with a Leica M6, Nikon F801s and Plaubel Makina 67. I also make a few shots each year with a large format Sinar Norma camera and Polaroid cameras.

These days I only use a digital camera (Leica M8) for  infrared photography and for making ultra high resolution photos. 

Prints of my photos are available for purchase through my eshop.

If you are interested in ordering a print from a photo in this blog  that is not listed in my eshop, you can contact me at kbesios@gmail.com and I will inform you about sizes available and prices.

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