Revisiting an old favorite: Ricoh GX200

The readers of this blog may remember that for quite some time the Ricoh GX200 was a favourite camera for me. An simple compact camera (well, not so simple for its era) which is about 10 years old now. Together with the Leica M, this was my favourite street photography camera. It allowed me to use it single handed (and being able to change settings) which was perfect for rainy days (it allowed me to hold the umbrella in one hand and the camera on the other!).

I always loved Ricoh cameras. I believe they made “cameras for photographers” if you know what I mean. The specific model may be outdated by today’s standards (it has a very small size sensor), but for its era it was really unique. It had RAW, a zoom lens (24-72mm equivalent), an intervalometer for timelapses, and many other “professional” settings. 

There were also very good accessories, like an external viewfinder and an add-on lens caps which opened and closed when you turned the camera on and off.

I recently took the GX200 out of the closet after many years, the battery was still 50% charged (!!!), and I took some photos. This camera has a 1/1.7-inc CCD sensor, which means lousy ISO performance, but the black and white JPEG is really superb.

In many occasions you can mistake it for a film photo, and only the Leica M8 can come close to this “filmic” black and white look. This is exactly the look I want from my black and white images.

Of course, I don’t expect these images to look good in a large size print, but for the web and small prints it can do the job.

I have really enjoyed shooting with this old camera, and the size which is tiny helps carrying it in your pocket. So, I may soon try some more photos with it.

(click on image to see larger size)

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  1. Phil says:

    Hi just came across your blog looking for good settings for Ricoh Gx200. Love the photos and just wondering if you could share what settings you use? Would be much appreciated.

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