Nikon f801s with Ilford HP5 and red filter

A few images taken with the Nikon F801s and Ilford HP5 film. I used a red B+W 091 filter r on the lens to increase contrast. All images shot with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D and Nikon 24mm f/2.8D lenses.

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The Nikon F801s has a very reliable meter , which allows me to get proper exposure even at difficult lighting conditions. It requires much less effort than the Leica M6, which took me quite some time to figure out how to use the camera’s meter. 

My most uses lenses are the 24mm and 50mm, I also own an old 35-70mm which can be very versatile, but image quality is not in par with the primes, so I barely use it.

I rated Ilford HP5 at ISO 400 and developed for 10 minutes at 20C with Ilfotec DD-X (one minute more than suggested). I noticed that on some images there was heavy grain, which was more evident on the sky. I suspect that some times the camera’s meter gets fooled by the red filter (depending on the light conditions) and underexposes the shot. This is not uncommon with a red filter. 

One annoying thing when shooting a SLR camera with a red filter, is that you the viewfinder get a red cast and is darker. I was spoiled shooting rangefinders for so many years, where the viewfinder is not affected by the presence of a filter on the lens, so there were a couple of times where I had to remove the filter to compose properly. That of course would much better if I was shooting on a tripod.

A red filter can be too much for certain subjects, so for many situations, I prefer to use an orange filter which has a more subtle effect. 

Images were scanned on the Epson V500 scanner. As I have mentioned before, I get sharper images when I place the negatives directly on the scanner surface with a anti-newton glass on top of them to keep them flat.

Enjoy the rest of the images. 

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