Velvia Slideshow 4K

Fuji Velvia is a legendary slide film . Introduced in 1990, it became the favorite film for landscape photography. The unique saturation and the way it renders colors has made it my favorite choice when I am shooting landscapes. 

Velvia is a very demanding film, very difficult to expose properly, due to it’s limited dynamic range. The slightest mistake when judging exposure can lead to a ruined image. Especially in contrasty scenes, I always try to use Graduated ND filters to compensate for this lack of dynamic range. It is also a tricky film for long exposures due to it’s reciprocity failure. But, it remains the king of films when we are talking about landscape photography.

I am starting a video blog on Youtube about film photography, and the first video is a collection of images I have shot with both Velvia 50 and Velvia 100 with various cameras. Watch it in 4K resolution !!

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