A panoramic 6×17 photo

The photo above (click on it to see large view) was shot with a Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera, Nikkor 90mm f/4.5 lens and Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. I used a LEE 2 stops ND Graduated filter. Aperture was f/22 and shutter speed 1/8.

Shooting with the Gaoersi 617 is actually like shooting with a large format camera. You compose and focus through a ground glass, and then you place the film back to get the shot. It is a slow workflow. With this camera you only get 4 frames per roll, so you better make each one count!

The huge negative (or slide film) when scanned can be printed in very large print sizes. 

These days the preferred method of making a large panoramic image by stitching multiple shots from a digital camera and achieve way more resolution than a 6×17 negative. But the process is not always easy if you want to get the quality demanded for a flawless large print. 

For ultra high resolution images (over 300 megapixels) I also use a digital camera and the stitching technique, but I can easily get a 100 megapixels equivalent  panoramic picture from the Gaoersi (the number is not random, I have compared my scanned negatives with the digital files, shot at the same location side by side). And in my case, with a 6×17 camera I also get the look of film which is my favorite.  Also, a  big plus for me, is that I get to see the final frame on the ground glass and compose better, which I really prefer it from shooting multiple frames and then cropping (and in many cases deal with parallax). 

The photos below are actual crops from the scanned slide so you can see the amount of detail (keep note that the film was scanned with a flatbed Epson V700, a dedicated film scanner can produce much better results).

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