Infrared photos with B+W 093 filter

Almost all of my infrared photos are taken with a B+W 092 infrared filter. It gives me  the IR unique look and at the same time it allows me to convert my images  to false color infrared. 

But there is another one filter, the B+W 093 , which produces a more harsh and dramatic look. You cannot convert to false color with this filter, but you get a specific look which is very interesting. 

With the 092 filter, I can shoot handheld with the Leica M8, but with the 093, shutter speeds are reduced even more, so most of the times it is better to use a tripod. Today, I shot some images with the 093 handheld, and at a full bright sunny day , I got speeds of about 1/15 at ISO 640.  When shooting IR with the Leica M8, it is better to stay at base ISO 160 or 320. This camera has a very poor ISO performance compared to today’s standards, so at ISO 640 noise is very evident, and that can cause problems when you post process the image (especially if you want to print). Nevertheless, I had years to use this filter, so I made some test photos to get the feel of it again. 

All photos were taken with the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4,5 lens. This lens can produce a hot spot at the center of the photo sometimes, but today I didn’t notice anything. 

When you shoot against the sun with the 093 filter, flare is very very strong as you can see at my first picture. I will make some new  images with this setup soon, this time with the help of a tripod.

Here are the images. 

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