Back on Film

The frequent readers of this blog know that I I love shooting film. Despite using digital cameras for many years (and still highly appreciating them), film has remained my favourite medium for making images.

During the past year, my posts have decreased significantly, due to a change in my occupation. I started a video and photo production company and that has left me with almost no time to all to make my personal images. I also stopped shooting film.

Recently, I slowly started making images again, and inevitably my film cameras found their way out of their bags!

For my personal work I am going to shoot almost exclusively on film from now on. The exception will be my infrared photos where my good old and trusty Leica M8 really shines, and the ultra high resolution images I make with the technique of image stitching (which is  very small part of my personal work).

So, from now on, this blog will mostly deal with my film photography and infrared images. 

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