Leica M6 with Elmar 135mm f/4

After quite some time, I am slowly starting to  shoot film again. For now I am using color negative film but I hope soon I will be able to organise my tanks and chemicals and move on to black and white film. Color film is easy to develop in the local lab , but for black and white I prefer doing it myself.

For today’s post I have there images taken with the Leica M6 and Elmar 135mm f/4 lens. The film I used was Portra 160 Professional. I used to scan with the Nikon Coolscan 9000, which is a top notch scanner. but these days I use a humble Epson V500. Although there is no comparison between those two scanners, I still can get decent scans , and the look of film is definitely there!

LM6_No583_Portra160_022 LM6_No583_Portra160_024 LM6_No583_Portra160_025

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