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  It was inevitable that since I started making images again after a long hiatus, I would be trying to shoot some film again. A short trip to the wonderful location of Meteora gave me the chance to load my old and trusty Leica M6 with an expired roll of Fuji Superia XTRA-400 film (actually, it was the last roll of 135 film in my fridge).

For this session I used an ultra wide lens, the Voigtander 15mm which is much wider than the normal focal lengths I used for landscapes (24mm and 28mm), but I thought I could experiment a little.

Superia XTRA 400 is a cheap emulsion, not a fine grain film for sure, and there was a magenta cast in a few images (it was expired after all), but I really liked the results.


r1-07602-0003 r1-07602-0006 r1-07602-0009 r1-07602-0011 r1-07602-0019 r1-07602-0020 r1-07602-0021

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