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Its been a long time since my last post . I am currently involved  in a few video projects that take up most of my time so it is a fact  that I have neglected my blog uploads lately .

Yesterday I took a walk at a nearby festival and took a few images with the Leica M8 and Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 lens .

I haven’t used the M8 for a few months since I almost solely rely on my Sony A7s both for stills and video .

But I really waned to use this camera again since I really love rangefinders and also the great black and white images I get from the CCD sensor of the M8.


The f/1.1 lens is really very helpful for a camera that actually has a real limit of ISO 640 when shooting in low light conditions. 

Focusing with the rangefinder at f/1.1  was quite difficult  I have to admit , since I got spoiled from the peaking and zoom assist functions of the Sony A7s !! But I got a few keepers. 
Despite its age , the M8 still gives me the best black and white images from any other camera. Many of the images are b&w JPEGS straight out of the camera. I attribute this to the CCD sensor and the very thin IR filter. 

Up to ISO 640 I can get away with noise , and some images may  be still good at ISO 1250 but that’s about it . 

The dynamic range is not on par with modern cameras so I had to be very careful how to expose (still I managed to burn some highlights , as I’ve said its been a long time since I used the M8!)

I will also visit the festival today again with the M8 and try to get some good images .
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3 Responses to Concert images 

  1. G.A. says:

    We must be the only lovers of that camera!
    Actually after it I lost all interest in digital cameras.

    • kbesios says:

      Yes , the M8 is a very special camera and i really hope it will remain in good working condition for years to enjoy it (since I’ve heard that you cannot replace the M8 LCD anymore which is bad news !!)

      • G.A. says:

        I use a really thick plastic sticky protector on it, perhaps 2 mm.
        And not usually set the review mode.
        Actually Leica forgot it time ago.

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