Polaroid Concept

A few images taken with the Polaroid SX-70 camera. I used the Impossible Project Color and b&w film and a flash for the SX-70. The black and white images were not developed well (reason unknown) but at least they managed to capture the subject.




I really like the picture with the woman wearing the hat, the messed up chemicals/development created a vintage look that is very pleasing to my eye. On the other hand, the portrait b&w image would be far better with a better development. Well, Polaroid is unpredictable and despite these flaws, I really enjoy shooting instant images with the SX-70. What I should do soon, is use the Polaroid back on my large format camera and produce some more instant photos.

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One Response to Polaroid Concept

  1. G.A. says:

    Though I’m not a polaroid fan, I like the two b&w “mistakes”

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