Lately I post quite a lot images of fields, since they are close to me, and this time of the year they look great ! All images were taken with the Nikon D800E and Nikon 28-300mm lens. Some of them are stitched images which means a huge resolution in order for me to make large prints. Of course, these images cannot be appreciated when viewed on the computer’s monitor. When printed at sizes over 1 meter wide, they look completely different !

fields_D800e_01 fields_D800e_03 fields_D800e_04 fields_D800e_05 fields_D800e_06

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2 Responses to Fields

  1. G.A says:

    You’re getting into a line of very interesting photographs.

  2. Urban Hafner says:

    Beautiful and a bit surprising. I don’t associate green fields with Greece. 🙂

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