Wind and Water

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The Sony A7s camera can shoot 100 fps (PAL) at 720p resolution. That’s a very good frame rate for producing slow motion videos. Yesterday, I went for a test at the sea. Strong winds and rough sea presented a good scenery for slow motion footage. But after a few minutes, it was evident that weather conditions were too much for my gear. Sprays of sea water were “attacking” my camera and lens, and I had to constantly clean the lens filter from droplets. The A7s and 24-70 lens are weather resistant but nothing is worse from salty sea water for electronic gear, so eventually I had to stop shooting in order to protect my equipment.

Nevertheless, I managed to shoot a few minutes and test the slow motion feature. 100fps (120fps in NTSC mode) are plenty enough for producing good footage. I used Final Cut’s Optical Flow feature to make footage even slower. Image quality is lower when shooting at 720p and 100fps, and there is some aliasing, so there is really no comparison with A7s’ normal video modes, still the results are pretty good.

Next time I will be more prepared for bad weather, and at least have a rain cover with me !

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  1. G.A says:

    Sculptural water…

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