Night images with Sony A7s

Night images I took with the Sony A7s. The high iso performance of this camera is well known, and although I prefer not to push ISO values too much, since even a camera like the A7s has it’s limits, I took a few images during a video shoot with extreme high ISO values (images shown in this post are between ISO 10000 and 128000).


















(Sony A7s, Sony FE 24-70mm f/4)

I was using the Sony FE 24-70mm f/4 lens for shooting video, since the image stabilisation and auto focus features can really come in handy in certain situations. A aperture of f/4 at night is not a good choice, but with the A7s I managed to make some good video footage. I had forgotten to remove my UV filter from the lens, so there is a significant amount of flare on the image above.


















(Sony A7s, Sony FE 24-70mm f/4)

Conversion to black and white always helps when using highs ISOs !!




































(Sony A7s, Sony FE 24-70mm f/4)

I really like the colour on both images, despite the difficult lighting conditions. These are images that could benefit from the use of a tripod, but I don’t carry a tripod with me during my usual walks ! This is where the A7s is really helpful.



Finally, I post the two images above, as a reminder of what I must avoid when taking images. The black and white conversion gives a character to the image, but still everything looks messed up due to crazy high ISO value. The same goes for the second image, which is taken in very dark lighting conditions and still looks very bright. An impressive image showing the extreme low light performance of the A7s, but at the same time an unreal and pretty bad photo.

So, having a camera like the A7s is really helpful in dealing with difficult light situations, but at the same I find that there should be limits set. Still, the advance of technology is really impressive, not long ago I used to get through all day with a ISO 400 film or the Leica M8 which has a practical ISO limit of 640 !

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One Response to Night images with Sony A7s

  1. G.A. says:

    Good images, Konstantinos.
    I’m happy with the M8 limit.
    Nice shots, specially the three in the middle; you got nice colors and no grain.
    Not so much the last one.
    Height Iso gives often the sensation that there is no night…

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