Infrared Seascapes

Back to my occasional infrared images. As usual, taken with the Leica M8, Voigtlander Skopar 21mm f/4 and B+W 092 IR filter. I also used a Hoya ND8 filter to shoot long exposures during daylight.

Infrared Seascape



©2015 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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3 Responses to Infrared Seascapes

  1. G.A says:

    The this the best.
    Perhaps you have a few death pixels.
    Don’t know if this happens to you:
    When shooting long exposures the back screen remakes the image as if repixelating.

    • kbesios says:

      There are indeed “hot pixels” in the images, due to long exposure. I have Long exposure noise reduction enabled but despite that, it seems there are still white spots, i guess I need to use Photoshop to erase them.

  2. G.A. says:

    It’s a pretty one.
    Lightroom is fine to remove all that lazy spots

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