Infrared photos with Leica M8

After my unsuccessful efforts to shoot infrared images with the Sony a7s, I’m back to my trusted “IR camera”, the good old Leica M8. Clearly, the best (non modified) camera to shoot good infrared photos !





L1042379 copy





















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4 Responses to Infrared photos with Leica M8

  1. G.A. says:

    …not only infrared.
    I shoot sometimes with R72, 2500 ISO and bw manually set with the filter on a white sheet.
    It’s a way to use it as a normal camera and to get nearly monohrom raw interesting files.
    I prefer the real world though

  2. G.A. says:

    About your previous post, I just shot with the R72 plus the Leica anti IR (the filter to avoid it) and the exposure increases about 2 stops (not as dramatically than your Sony); that must be all the IR value. Also you get colors!?

  3. G.A. says:

    Sorry, I made bad calculations:
    R72+anti IR iso 2500 1/2
    R72 iso 640 1/24
    That’s about 5 or 6 stops, with matches your Sony difference

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