Infrared images with Sony a7s

Today I shot my first infrared images with the Sony A7s using the Hoya R72 IR filter. I knew that the a7s has a strong ir filter but i was hoping that the superb iso performance could compensate for that and allow me to shoot infrared photos handheld. As it turned out, I was wrong !

DSC02177 DSC02183


As you can see, I had to use crazy ISO values ranging from 32000 to 409600 (which is the limit of the a7s) in order to shoot at shutter speeds of 1/15. Noise is very evident and the images produced are not good.






































The image above (converted to both b&w and false colour) seems better in terms of showing the infrared effect, but the 409600 ISO used has produced messy artefacts and colour noise.

So, no handheld IR shooting for the a7s. Next time I will use a tripod with more logic ISO values, and see how it goes, I’ll even compare it with the Leica M8 which for me, still remains my favourite (and only) IR camera!

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3 Responses to Infrared images with Sony a7s

  1. G.A. says:

    Did you need such astronomical iso for 1/15 at full daylight?
    R 72 only steals you 5 stops!

    • kbesios says:

      That’s what I thought, but with lower ISO values, images were very underexposed, I will try to make one more test soon.

  2. G.A. says:

    The images are also vignetting…
    That filter swallows visible light too.
    They must have named that in some other different way:
    From 100 to 400000 iso there are about 15 stops. So they turn black into white (the zone system makes that in 10).
    We can say they invent that image.
    Try a neutral density

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