Infrared images with Sony a7s (part 2)

This is my second effort trying to shoot infrared images with the Sony a7s. As you will see form the results, I am staying with the Leica M8 for IR photography !


DSC02187 DSC02188

This time I brought my tripod and shot at ISO 100 and 200 to get clean images. With an aperture f/4 I had to use 30 seconds exposures on a bright sunny day in order to get proper exposure. As you can see, the infrared look is not much visible.



Depending on the subject, I got from “no IR” to “close to IR” photos. A kinda of IR look, but nothing that can be compared with the photos I get from the Leica. Conversion to false colour didn’t work, so black and white was my only option. I think that the IR filter on the a7s sensor is too strong to be able to produce decent infrared photos. So, I am going back to my M8 “IR camera” !




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One Response to Infrared images with Sony a7s (part 2)

  1. G.A. says:

    It’s a kind of exercise
    Compare exposures with both cameras, with M8 you would need, say 1/8,1/4,1/2 but never 30 secs. Hard to imagine that the ir portion makes the rest.
    Anyhow you reached your own conclusion and I don’t own a Sony.

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