Since I got the Sony a7s, it has almost replaced any other camera I was using both for video and stills. Being a very small full frame camera with insane high ISO performance, means I can carry it all day long and be able to cope with almost any photographic situation. The A7s with the 24-70mm, Voigtlander 15mm, and Voigtlander 50mm f/1.1 weights about 1.5 kg and fits in a very small camera bag. This is a very light and comfortable bag to carry around all day !

I got so used to the images I was getting from the a7s, that I almost forgot about the image quality of my “serious photographic workhorse”, the Nikon D800E. So, yesterday I took the Nikon for a few landscape photos.




Well, all I can say (for one more time), is that the images produced by the D800E are at a completely different level. This is a wonderful photo camera bested only by the newer D810. It’s large and heavy (for my standards), but for serious landscape work (and not only!), this is the camera to choose. I also think is a camera that can last for many years since both the resolution and dynamic range are still top notch. ISO performance is OK, but for my landscape or portrait work, this is not really an issue.

So, it was great to shoot again with my Nikon, and I’m sure I will have new images from the D800E soon.




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  1. G.A. says:

    Have a look at Franco Fontana’s work

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