Green on Film

One more short trip through green fields, this time with my Plaubel Makina 67, a favorite camera of mine. Loaded with Kodak Portra 160 film, a newer emulsion film which replaced the NC and VC versions in 2011. This is great emulsion, which resembles more the NC version, great for scanning with very wide dynamic range and fine grain. I usually shoot with the 400 version since the optimum apertures of the Makina are f/8 and f/11, but for landscape work on a sunny day, the 160 works better.


I shot the whole roll handheld (which is something I don’t really do with medium format film and landscape work), but this camera really was made to be shot without a tripod. It is one of the smallest 6×7 cameras ever made, and the folded mechanism makes it a very portable camera. A fragile construction to be honest, but when used carefully it will last forever.

The 80mm f/2.8 lens is actually a 40mm (full frame equivalent), and this is a perfect focal length for a travel camera, including landscape work.

The Portra 160 is a wonderful film, and together with the 400 version have become my main choices these days.

Enjoy the rest of the images.





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7 Responses to Green on Film

  1. frank says:

    I like the photos, especially the color tone. But there is a strange light drop/fall-off on either the right or left side of the photos, you can see this best on the 2nd and 3th photo. Maybe it’s the scanning of the film, or maybe it has something to do with the film loading of your camera. Your photos are very small on your website, I cannot see it very well 🙂

    • kbesios says:

      I have noticed that too, its from the film development in the lab, it is not the first time it happened. It is getting more and more difficult to find a lab to properly develop mediun format film these days.

  2. G.A. says:

    Yes, specially the 2nd is full of white dots all along the sky, like if being a dusty sensor. That must be C41…find a better lab.
    Anyhow, good shots. Maybe a polarizer filter give you a better blue.

  3. G.A. says:

    I brought up a blog a few days ago, if you want to have a look,

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