Fuji GSW690iii for Sale


UPDATE: The camera has been sold.

I am listing for sale on Ebay my Fuji GSW690iii medium format camera. This is a wonderful 6×9 rangefinder camera with an amazing 65mm f/5.6 lens (28mm equivalent in 35mm format). I have recently tested it shooting two rolls of Fuji Velvia, you can see the images on my previous posts. I have removed the lens hood on the camera in order to have easier access to filters (the camera takes 67mm filters).

The reason for selling it, is that at the moment I have many film cameras which are really not used. I am upgrading my video equipment, so selling a camera that is rarely being used anymore is a good idea.


You can view the listing on Ebay here (price asked  is 499$).

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2 Responses to Fuji GSW690iii for Sale

  1. Urban Hafner says:

    Good luck! I once owned the “normal” version and the results from it were stunning.

  2. G.A. says:

    Good idea.
    For getting a bit of height, removing ballast is required…
    I did it when I got the M8.
    Now I own just what I need

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