The good old Leica M8

The Leica M8 is the first digital rangefinder from Leica which was released 8 years ago. It’s a camera I have used extensively for the last six years, and I still use it for infrared photography due to its unique “faulty” sensor (the IR filter is very thin so you can easily shoot infrared handheld).

As it is natural, technology has progressed a lot since 2006, still I find the M8 a great camera to use. Black and white images look wonderful probably due to the CCD sensor and thin IR filter, and I find the tones to be very subtle, also probably due to the CCD sensor. This is not a camera for available light, the high ISO performance is awful, but it is a rangefinder camera, and those who have shot rangefinders and liked them, know that it’s very difficult to part with them !

Below are images taken with the M8 (and they are not infrared, for a change !).








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  1. G.A says:

    A pity how easy many, even Leica, denostated it.

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