A 36 megapixels image from Sony A7s


A 36 megapixels image, not with the Sony A7r , but with the a7s. It’s the result of a series of photos taken handheld and stitched together with Autopano Pro software. It’s quite easy to do that, especially on images where there is no movement.

I find 12 megapixel to be enough for most situations, but it’s good to have the opportunity to create a larger resolution image when I need to and I don’t have with me the Nikon D800E.

Here’s a crop from the image above.


(Link for Sony a7s on Amazon.co.uk)
Sony a7s E Mount Camera Body (12.2MP, Full Frame CMOS Sensor)

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5 Responses to A 36 megapixels image from Sony A7s

  1. G.A. says:

    It depends.
    Really stitching doesn’t give more resolution but file size.
    The image is ok. In my opinion it would be better with a closer aperture ; the background seems not so sharp.

    • kbesios says:

      For the very large prints I make (over 3 metes long) stitching is necessary , it gives you the megapixels needed to print at 300dpi. For images up to 1 meter, the D800E is more than sufficient.

  2. G.A. says:

    Perhaps a medium format sensor…

  3. G.A. says:

    D800E is a money anyhow.
    But to be sincere I’d go for the Hasselblad H5X; it allows film too…next life maybe

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