Sony A7s with rangefinder lenses and Slog2 grading

This is the second video from the Sony A7s. I have already shot two projects with this camera and I was very happy from the results. Still, there are ma things to experiment with.

For this short video clip, I used the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 and Leica Summarit 35mm f/2.5 lenses. I also shot most of the footage using Slog-2.

About the lenses, the Voigtlander 15mm was a pleasant surprise, since it performs wonderful on the full frame Sony, despite its wide angle focal length. A lens for very special shots. The Summarit is also a great lens, and due to the full frame sensor, you can get close up shots with blurred background (for those instances you want it to).

Slog-2 is a great feature on the A7s which gives you a very wide dynamic range. Of course, you must have the expertise on shooting and grading when using this mode. I am still in the process of learning and so far, I have got mixed results. When shooting Slog-2, minimum ISO is 3200, which means you need strong ND filters in order to keep the proper shutter speed. Daylight shots may even require a 10 stops ND if you want to keep your aperture wide. I use a high quality B+W 110ND filter, but still I get a noticeable color shift, so there’s lots of work to do in post process.

When starting to grade Slog-2 footage, I apply a LUT in order to have a good starting point. Finding he appropriate LUT is tricky, and I am still experimenting. It’s also quite tricky to expose correctly when using this mode, a waveform monitor would be very helpful here, but I don’t own one, so I am trying to use the histogram (the washed out look on the screen is not helping much).

So, there are lots of things to learn. For now, here’s the video.

(c)2014 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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