Mamiya 645 Pro TL with Kodak Portra 400

It’s been ages since I last used my Mamiya 645. This was the camera that introduced me to medium format, but since I upgraded to 6×7 and later, all,the way to 6×9, 6×12 and 6×17, the 6×4.5 negative looked small to my eyes !

The M645 differs from my other film camefas, since it’s the only one with a mirror. It’s large, heavy and noisy. But it has some automations like AE exposure and motor for advancing the film. These days, I would only use it with the 150mm lens, since I don’t have telephotos for my other medium format cameras.

I used a Kodak Portra 400 since I needed the speed to shoot handheld. The mirror vibration makes it difficult to get sharp images at lower shutter speeds.

All images are with the 150mm f/4 lens, except for the first one which was taken with the 45mm f/2.8.






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