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Although my primary purpose for the Sony A7s was to use it as a video camera, it has also become a great stills camera for me. Although not on par with my Nikon D800E, it is camera that I can use to get great photos when I don’t plan on capturing something special that requires the D800E. The 12 megapixels have been enough for the web and prints up to 45cm wide so far, and having to carry only one camera for both stills and video is really great.

The high ISO performance of the A7 has been praised enough, so I am not going to write any special article about it. Just one shot during night at ISO 12800.



This is a photo I would normally shoot on a tripod (and for making a serious looking print I would shoot it on a tripod even with the A7s). But for a snapshot, been able to use 12800 ISO handheld and still get a good looking image is something I appreciate very much. Noise levels are of course much better than any other camera I have tried (not including the Nikon Df or D4s), and what I like even more than the absence of serious noise, is the way colours hold up even at this large ISO value. A great travel camera indeed !

Below are two crops from the image above (I used Topaz Denoise 5 to minimise noise, the fact that the camera has superb ISO performance, does not mean that you don’t use denoise software).


a7s_ISO12800_crop1 a7s_ISO12800


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