A great lens for the Sony A7s


The Leica Summarit 35mm f/2.5 was on of my first rangefinder lenses. It was affordable (for a Leica lens) and it’s image quality is fantastic. The only issue was the f/2.5 aperture, not very fast, and on my Leica M8 this was a problem in low light conditions. So, eventually I also purchased the Voigtlander Nokton 35mf/m 1.4 lens, which was cheap and fast, but of course an inferior lens next to the Summarit (the Summilux 35mm was very very expensive). Despite their small size, after a while I didn’t feel like carrying two lenses which had the same focal length, and the Nokton was the one to carry (to be able to cope with low light shooting).

About one year ago, I was ready to sell my Summarit. I was using it so rarely that I couldn’t find a reason to keep it (my Fuji X100 with its 35mm equivalent focal length was the perfect all around camera, so no need for a 35mm on the M8). Fortunatelly, I kept it, and one year later the Summarit has emerged as a favourite lens for my Sony A7s.

As you can see on the picture above, its size fits perfectly the A7s (I have the hood on, without it its almost half the length). The f/2.5 aperture on the A7s is no problem at all with its stunning high ISO performance, and the image quality is what’s expected from a Leica lens. This is a great travel combo, both for video and stills.

Enjoy the images below, all shot with the Summarit 35mm.




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