Street images

It’s been years since I “abandoned” street photography in favor of landscapes and although I am not returning in making street images, i used my last 10 frames on a Kodak Ektar roll to shoot some street photos on my way to the film lab.

I had the Voigtlander 15mm lens on the Leica M7, not a street lens, but it gave me some interesting looking photos, much different than a 35mm or 50mm which are considered the appropriate lenses for street photography.



My favorite film for street images was the Kodak TRI-X, but I also find the Ektar converted to black and white a very good film. Its slower, but on a bright sunny day that is not a problem. The shutter of the M7 has a very discrete and beautiful sound, very appropriate for street photos. Nowadays, there are digital cameras with completely silent shutters, but compared to a DSLR or my NEX and A7s, its much more discrete. Of course, nothing can beat the lovely leaf shutter sound of the Fuji X100 !

Enjoy the rest of the images.








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