Sony a7s high ISO images

Well, since it seems that the high ISO capabilities of the Sony A7s was the among its key selling features, I had to post a couple of images with high ISO settings.

I don’t like using high ISOs unless it’s absolutely needed (I guess we all do the same !), and this time the ISO performance of the A7s came in handy. During my visit to an old church, I had to use the Voigtlander 15mm lens to capture a wide angle view. This is a f/4.5 lens so its slow. For scenes like this my usual combo was the Nikon D800E with the amazing 14-24 f/2.8 lens. Its large and heavy, while the A7s with the 15mm lens it’s really tiny. So by being able to use ISO up to 32000 I managed to get very good images without having to resolve to my DSLR gear.



At ISO 32000 these very good results as you can for the crop above. So, the A7s proves to be a wonderful all around camera even in dim light conditions with slow lenses.

One more example at ISO 16000.



A very good performer as you can see. One more positive thing is he very good performance of the Voigtlander 15mm on this camera. Being an ultra wide angle, I expected to face the usual problems with corners, but to my surprise, the lens is excellent on the A7s.

My next post will also have some images taken with the A7s. Although my main purpose for this camera was video (and it excels in this area), it’s very good to know that I can also get some great stills when I need to.

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