Side by Side: Sony A7s with Fuji X100

On my last trip, I had with me the Sony A7s and Fuji X100. It was a good chance to photograph the same subject with both cameras, in order to do a short evaluation. This is not by any means a Sony A7s vs Fuji X100 article. Just one snapshot taken handheld with both cameras, to see how they perform.

(Sony A7s with Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 lens, click here to download full size photo)

(Fuji X100, click here to download full size photo)

I have printed both photos at 60cx40cm size, have shown them to a couple of fellow photographers, and they really could not find any differences worth mentioning. After very thorough observation, I can say that the A7s file is a little bit cleaner, while the X100 file is a little bit sharper, but the difference is almost negligible. Keep in mind that the A7s shot was taken with the Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 lens, which is a superb performer (a Novoflex adapter was used, which is one of the best adapters, if not the best you can get). Maybe, a shot with the native e-mount 35mm lens could produce a better result, but I really doubt it would be something astounding.

The X100 is indeed a superb camera, and remains a favourite camera for me. The A7s,is really a video camera disguised in a stills camera body, but I am very happy that it can also produce wonderful stills, on par with my X100 (and of course you get the amazing high iso performance, for those times when you need it).

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