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My blog has sure been very slowly updated during the past weeks. It has been a very busy month so far, so my usual post update rate has decreased significantly.

So, let’s see what is coming soon. I am currently at the process of editing a music video I’ve shot with my friend Jimmy Pats. It will probably by ready in a couple of weeks. It was shot mostly with the Sony A7s camera, and all I can say, is that I am very impressed with its performance.

I am currently traveling , and have with me the Sony A7s, Fuji X100 and Leica M7 (loaded with Kodak Ektar 100 film). I am trying to make some identical shots so that I can compare the images at a future post. Nothing scientific here, just satisfying my curiosity and trying to see if I will keep the X100. So far, I am (for one more time) impressed by the performance of the wonderful Fuji X100.

I am also thinking of selling my Nikon D700 (a fantastic camera by all means, even with today’s standards) in favor of a Sony a6000. The main reason is to have a backup body for video, and I read that it’s also a great camera. For backing my Nikon D800E the Sony A7s is good enough with its phenomenal high ISO perfomance, and the 24mp a6000 can also serve this purpose.

My film cameras currently enjoy a long rest in their bags, which is something I do not enjoy, but for now, there are no projects which I need to shoot on film. I will sure try to use my large format camera sometime soon, as I really enjoy the whole process of shooting and developing 4×5 film.

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