For the most part of my involvement with photography, I was attracted to normal or wide focal lengths. The range between 21mm and 50mm was my favorite with some exceptions shots for which I used the 15mm and 90mm. The Nikon 135mm f/2 was a lens that made me shoot more at a longer focal length, with the majority of my shots being wide open since it has a very special look.

So, when I opted for a telephoto lens for those rare times I would use it, I went for the 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 and not the 70-200mm. A good all around lens, not an exceptional performer or a fast lens but it gets the job done.

Due to a very busy schedule during the past few months, I didn’t get the chance to visit new places, and I basically revisit the same locations which are part of my frequent travel route each month. When you have extensively photograph a specific location, after a while you have pretty much exhausted your subjects. That means, that you need to take a different look than your usual. One way for me is infrared photography, that kept me going on for a while. After that, the next step is to explore new focal lengths, and for me is to use the telephoto lens at its long edge. So, the 28-300mm became a permanent addition to my photo bag.

Today, while I was taking a short break from driving, I noticed a few cows and a man in a nearby field. This a a field I have repeatedly photographed in the last, but the addition of the living element provided me with a new subject. The use of the 28-300mm was inevitable due to the long distance, so I put the lens on my D800E and took some images. I chose a fast shutter speed of 1/500 to although I should have probably be at the 1/1000 range to get a more steady shot, nevertheless I got the images (the 28-300 has VR and that helps a lot with handheld shots).

Despite of my more frequent use of the telephoto, I am not opting for a 70-200mm f/2.8. Its a very expensive lens and for now, I can’t afford such an investment for amateur use. The 28-300mm pretty much covers my current needs.





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