Infrared photos with Fuji X100

One more post with infrared images, but this time with the Fuji X100. Altough I am almost exclusively shooting IR with the Leica M8, two of my favorite infrared photos were taken in the past with the X100, so I thought i should try to make some IR photos with this camera.


The X100 can do great blakc and white IR images, with the limitation of course of slow shutter speed. The image above was shot during a sunny using f/5.6 aperture and base ISO. Shutter speed was 3.5 seconds. With the M8 in same lighting conditions, I would get a speed of 1/15 to 1/30, so I don’t need a tripod, and also I could catch some movement (if there was any). Now, with the X100 I can used higher ISO settings and decrease shutter speed, but I try to keep my it shots at base ISO for optimum quality.


False floor infrared is something I prefer to to with the M8, since it had much greater sensitivity to IR light, so with the Fuji I will either convert to black and white or use a monochrome conversion like the one above.

What I have noticed, is that IR images from the Fuji are more clean than the a Leica. The CCD sensor of the M8 gives a more grainy image with infrared, even at base ISO. I like this look as it resembles film grain (kinda), but others will prefer the crystal clear look of the Fuji.

I will sure shoot more IR photos with the Fuji at the future, but for serious IR work, I will stick with the M8. For someone who wants to shoot IR seriously, I would of course suggest a properly converted IR camera over a used M8 (unless they want a rangefinder camera, in this situation a Leica
M8 can cover both needs for normal and IR photography, with the limitation of bad high ISO performance).

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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