Infrared images

One more post with my latest infrared photos. As always, the Leica M8 was my camera or choice.



The same subject with different shutter speeds. One short and one long exposure. Shot with the Summarit 35mm lens and B+W 092 IR filter. For the long exposure shot I also added the B+W 110ND, a 10 stops ND filter which is very useful for long exposure images during daylight.

The use of the tripod allows me to choose a smaller aperture (f/11) which makes it easier for me to nail focus, since with infrared you have to turn the focus ring a little bit to the right from the point where the rangefinder focused, and the M8 LCD screen is awful for checking focus at preview.

Once more, I was impressed with the sharpness and image quality of the Summarit (especially when compared with my usual IR lens, the Voigtlander 21mm).



The above images were taken with the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 lens and the B+W 093 filter. This is a “heavy” IR filter, suitable only for b&w images (you can’t convert to false color IR). It gives a more dramatic effect. The 15mm has a hot spot in the centre when shooting IR, which can ruin the look of the image, but in these cases, it was much less evident.

Even on the M8, you need a tripod to shoot with the 093 filter.

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