Images of birds are something I rarely do, but this time it was the only subject worth shooting. I had with me the Nikon d800E with the 28-300mm lens, not the best combo for hunting birds due to the slow speed and focus, but I managed to get a couple of decent photos.


I was following this bird with my car for a few minutes, when it decided to stay put for a few seconds. I stopped my car next to it, and to my surprise it didn’t fly away immediately, so I managed to shoot a few images. I had forgotten a ND8 filter on the lens (I was shooting video just before I spot this bird) so ISO was at 3200, not a good setting, but with the help of Topaz Denoiser the noise was corrected enough to get a decent looking photo.


Once again the ND8 filter forced the camera to use high ISO, a rookie mistake by all means, but at least I got the shot.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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