Panoramic photos with Gaoersi 617

Three images for today’s post taken with the Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera and Kodak Portra 160VC film.

(Gaoersi 617, LEE ND GRAD 0.6 soft filter,polarizer filter)

Despite being to able to create multi megapixel photos (including panoramic) with the Nikon D800E by stitching multiple shots, it’s always a joy to work with a 6×17 camera. You can frame the scene on the field, use polarizer filters and avoid problems that can occur with moving elements. I also get the great dynamic range of films and the color I like so much. Also, as I have repeatedly mentioned, I prefer to spend more time on the field than in front of a computer screen, and scanning is a straight forward process for panoramic images, just one take with no needed corrections. So, for panoramic photos, most of the times I will choose the Gaoersi.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.



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