Landscapes has been for a long time, my primary photographic subject. Since I get to travel a lot, I have the opportunity to discover new places and this is great for landscape photography. There are of course times, when I have shot a specific scenery so many times, that I lose interest. So, it’s always nice when I find new locations that have a few good sceneries for capturing images.


Just half an hour drive from home, I found a small country road which passes through fields and hills, and it was a good day with scattered clouds. Although the time was not perfect, the light was pretty good. I had forgotten my polarized filter at home, but still I managed to get the look I wanted.

My camera or choice was once again the Nikon D800E, with the 24-70mm lens. I also shot some great IR photos with the Leica M8 which will post tomorrow.


I will return to that location soon to capture tees sceneries again before sunset when the light would be good. I think I will take my Makina 67 camera loaded with Fuji Velvia slide film, that would be a great setup for these landscapes. It would be also be a great chance of enjoying the look of the slide film which I haven’t shot for a long time.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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