Infrared photo with Nikon D800E

This is my first test infrared photo taken with the Nikon D800E.



As you can see, it is far away from what I get from my Leica M8 or from a dedicated IR camera. I didn’t manually set the white balance while on the field, because I couldn’t remember how to do it !! A serious beginners fault, that is ! Anyway, I just read the manual and next time will try it.

A black and white conversion would look better, but my aim was false color, it would be nice to have a 36mp IR image to print. With the M8 I have to make a sequence of images and then stitch them to get large prints.

I used the Hoya R72 filter on the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G lens. Exposure times were very long to get a good exposed image. At f/11 I needed about 13 seconds (ISO 100). The M8 at the same aperture would be under one second.

Next time I will try to be more serious and set WB manually, experiment with focus and higher ISO.

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