Bridge Panoramic


Image taken with my Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera, Nikkor 90mm f/4.5 SW lens and Ilford Pan F plus film. Shot at f/32 aperture.

Development was done with R09 developer. It is cheap and creates sharp negatives but there is too much grain compared to my usual Ilford DD-X , so for images like this which are meant to be printed at 80 inches wide this may not be the ideal developer.

There was also a second image taken with the Gaoersi, a beautiful vertical panorama which took me about 20 minutes to compose, focus, use my LEE filters and very carefully calculate exposure. Its funny that after so much thorough preparation, I forgot to remove the dark slide before pressing the shutter ! An unforgivable beginner’s mistake that prevent me from having a great photo. We’ll these things can happen with a camera like this. I will get the shot the next time I visit that location !

(c)2014 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Brian says:

    Great advice for the developer recommendation DD-X with Pan F+. I was wondering what high resolution film and developer would be recommended by others. I need to test Tmax and Adox 20 yet under more scrutiny. Too bad to hear about the darkslide… it’s best I not count the number of times I’ve made that mistake – or lens cap on the rangefinder!

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