An old flour mill

A recent image of an old flour mill located at Itea, Greece.


It was quite difficult to properly capture the building, since there was not enough space to step back and I didn’t have with me the 14-24mm lens. Shot with the Nikon 24-70mm at its widest length, I used Lightroom to correct distortion.

Normally, I would capture a subject like that with my 4×5 view camera, since I can use I use movements to correct distortion and create a good architectural shot without any post processing. But the distortion correction offered by software makes these images much easier to shoot, and many times it is more convinient. I too, enjoy the advantages of modern software !


This is a more artistic processing of the image, and this is the one I printed.

Since I had also with me the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye lens, I also took a shot to see how it will render the building. With Lightroom’s automatic lens correction profile and a few tweaks, I also got a good image. This one also shows the road in front of the building, so it has a quite different look. In order to “help” the software, I was very careful with keeping both horizontal and vertical levels straight (the same method of course was also used at the image with the 24-70). Keeping levels as straight as possible is a crucial when shooting a wide angle lens.

About the Nikon fisheye, I also shot some video with it. For specific shots, it can be really useful.

Here’s the image with fisheye lens.


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