Leaving home for a walk or or a short trip, is the way to get some good images, but even when you stay inside, there are also things you can photograph. A macro lens (or a camera with macro mode) is a good way to improvise and make some interesting images.

I placed the Nikon D800E on a tripod, mounted the Tamron 90mm macro lens and used a glass bottle to shoot some splashing water photos.



Using 1/320 shutter speed and the built in camera flash I was able to freeze water motion and get these images. Now, I should have used my SB-900 flash for (probably) better results but surprisingly I didn’t have any spare batteries (!) and since it was more of a test photo shoot I didn’t mind using the camera’s flash (next time I will do that the right way).

The results can be very interesting and with some post process you can either get a good splash photo or even create an abstract looking image. It was a good way to take advantage of my macro lens since I don’t really shoot macro like flowers, insects etc.

I am repeating this experiment soon and will post some more photos.







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