Kastoria Lake (a short video)

A short video I did during my visit at the beautiful city of Kastoria (Greece).

I am getting more involved in video, and try to shoot as much as possible in order to get more familiar with the settings required. It takes lots of reading and experimenting.

For this video clip, I used the Sony CX730E camcorder and the Nikon D800E. Filming with the camcorder is so easy compared to the DSLR, but with the Nikon i can take advantage of the thin depth of field it provides, being a full frame camera. With good lenses, the Nikon is of course way ahead my CX730E, although when I need to shoot handheld, the fantastic lens stabilisation of the Sony makes it the first choice.

The lenses I used were the 24-70mm, 28-300mm and the Tamron 90mm macro. All shots were done on a tripod, using manual focus and ND filters to keep the shutter speed at 1/50 (as it should be when making 25 fps video). I found my LEE holder to be very helpful for shooting video, since I can stack two or three filters and avoid the vignetting of normal filters.

Editing was done with Final Cut Pro X. My mid-2009 Macbook Pro is really having a tough time dealing with rendering, and that can cause lots of frustration, since waiting times are long and can affect the way you edit. But for now, it gets the work done.

Video requires a very different approach than photography, and I am still at a beginner level (and probably will be for some time!), but I really enjoy making these short clips, so there more coming at the future.

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