Images with Nikon D800E

Although I have the Nikon D800E for about two years now, I haven’t used it to the extend should have, due to the fact that I only carry a DSLR when I absolutely need to. That has to do with size and weight, I prefer smaller cameras with smaller (and lighter) lenses. It also has to do with my love for film. My large and medium format cameras are still alive and kicking, and I enjoy the process of shooting film and he results I get, which are different than digital (not better, just different).

Lately, the D800E has earned back its place as one of my first choices. The main reason for this, is video. Besides a stellar stills camera, the D800(E) can also shoot great video. Since I am starting to be heavily involved in video, it was inevitable that the Nikon would be among my fist choices. Of course, together with video shooting, I get the chance of capturing some images. I will refer to the video part in a future post, for today here are some photos taken with the D800E using the 28-300mm and 24-70 lenses.











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