End of Route II

In my previous post I uploaded images taken with Fuji X100 taken while visiting a trains station with old trains. Today, I am posting images with the Plaubel Makina 67 and Kodak Portra 400 film.


First of all, I have to say I am really impressed by the Portra 400 which is by all means, a superb film. Wonderful color, minimum grain for a ISO 400 emulsion and a huge dynamic range. The latitude of this film is very impressive and it helps to get great results even in the most contrasty scenes. I shot it a box speed, and it’s probably the only film I consider safe to do that.

Until recently, I had decided to shoot only b&w film with my analog cameras, since with digital I get good color photos (slide film is a different story, but I haven’t used a slide film for a long time). But this film may change my opinion, I have a couple more left and if the results are equally rewarding then I will probably order some new Portra 400.

A ISO 400 film is very helpful when shooting a medium format camera, since I can use a smaller aperture and increase my depth of field. Scanned with my recently repaired Coolscan 9000, the results are simply at a different level than my flatbed Epson. At 4000 dpi, I was able to print a 40 inches wide print with great detail, and I could go larger if I needed to.


You can easily spot the difference in color and tonality from the Fuji X100, and although on the screen the digital images can look more impressive in terms of contrast and sharpness, when printed the medium format photos have a very different look. The tonality is fantastic and the colors seem more natural. That has to do with the different transition from shadows to highlight that a film has (transition is smoother) and of course the different rendering of a 6×7 “sensor”. The Nikkor 80mm of the Plaubel, has a soft contrast and reveals tones beautifully, and of course you can add contrast and saturation if you want to.


At the image above, a lens hood would be very helpful, still I was impressed with the image I got, I really expected it to be completely washed out given the lighting conditions.

Overall, I find Portra 400 to be a fantastic film for those who want to shoot color with a medium format camera. I have already loaded my Plaubel with a new film and I am expecting to use it during next weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the images.





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