The Dock (8×10 large format pinhole)

The Dock (8x10 pinhole)

My latest image taken with the 8×10 large format pinhole camera. This is a 12 seconds exposure with Ilford FP4 Plus film. I was really surprised by the sharp rendering of the dock given the fact that pinholes are not known for producing sharp photos. Probably the large format combined with the very accurate exposure lead to that pleasant surprise. Also, the dock is at the centre of the picture which may further explain why it looks so clear. The very wide angle of this camera (116 degrees) makes it ideal for these kind of photos. I was very happy from the results, so I am thinking of loading a Fuji Provia 8×10 sheet for my next image, to see how it will look (my first two attempts on slide film with this camera were not successful, so I am looking to forward to see how my next experiment will turn out, since I am more familiar now with exposure calculations).

As always, I used the taco method to develop the film in a Paterson tank with R09 developer, which is very cheap. The dilution was 1650ml of water and 50ml of R09, and the time was 12 minutes at 20C temperature.

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