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Three new photos taken with the Sinar Norma 4×5 view camera. I used the Schneider 150mm and Ilford HP5 film (not the more suitable film for landscapes but even at a 60×40 cm print the grain was barely noticeable).


This is a classic shot for a view camera. By using front tilt, the whole frame is in focus without the need of closing down the aperture. That means you can shoot with the optimal aperture and still have the depth of field you need, ensuring maximum sharpness and image quality.

The size of 4×5 film means that even with a flatbed scanner like the Epson V700 you can print at large sizes, and of course you get the look and tonality of large format. Operating a view camera is a process I really enjoy, it requires dedication and great attention to every stage of shooting. It feels like creating an image rather than just taking it, and the moment when you first see the developed sheets, is always fascinating.


Ilford HP5 is a great all around film, it gives you speed which in many occasions is necessary since the optimal apertures are f/22 and f/32. Grain is not a serious problem like it is with smaller formats. Nevertheless for landscape or good lighting conditions, a slower film like the Kodak TMAX 100, Ilford Delta 100 or FP4 will provide you excellent image quality with literally no grain.


Large format has become my main film format together with the occasional Polaroid use. I just retain the 6×7 format for those cases when you need the mobility and speed. Therefore, there will plenty of 4×5 images to publish this year !

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