Infrared video with Sony CX730E

Infrared images is one of my favourite kinds of photography. I am shooting IR photos for years, ever since I discovered that the sensor of the Leica M8 had that ability (which was actually considered a design fault at the time, but what a great fault that was !)

Unfortunately, the Leica M8 cannot shoot video. But my Sony CX730E camcorder has the well known “Nightshot Mode” which allows shooting video in the dark. Since, I am more into video these days, I thought it would be a good idea to test the Sony at daylight with the help of my Hoya R72 IR filter. You can see the results in the video below.

There is no “false colour” option with the Sony CX730E, but conversion to black and white can create a very dramatic and interesting look for video. Even with the IR filter on, I still needed to use a Hoya ND8 (3 stops) filter. The right way to do this is a Fader (variable) ND filter, since as you can see in the video footage, there were scenes that needed a more powerful ND. The variable ND allows the operator to choose how many stops will use in order to maintain a good exposure. These filters are expensive, but they are really invaluable for serious video shooting.

I was very satisfied with the results I got from infrared video, it can create very artistic and atmospheric results, and I am sure going to shoot more IR footage at the future.

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