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After a long time, today I am posting a few images taken with the Fuji X100 camera. My relationship with the X100 has gone from various stages. At one point, I reached a step before selling it, but thankfully, I decided to keep it. The last firmware update has transformed it to a much much better camera and this is something that no other company has ever done to a discontinued model (at least to the level of update Fuji did).


I always had a dilemma between the X100 and the Leica M8, and at certain times I could not justify keeping both of them. There were also times when I chose to take with me the M8 despite the fact that the Fuji was more suited for the kind of shooting I wanted to do (that’s what happens when you are biased and love a camera so much that it blurs your judgement !)

The X100 has certain features that make it a better choice for those times when I just want a small camera with me. It has a flash (with high speed sync due to its leaf shutter), can do macro, better high ISO performance, can shoot video for those times you need it and has auto focus. For me, with a rangefinder at 35mm equivalent (which means the Elmarit 28mm), focus was never a problem, and I also use a lot zone focus. But as years go by, there are times when manual focus can get more difficult than it used to, or I am simply spoiled by the convenience of auto focus.

The X100 is a fantastic all day camera, and the only thing I cannot do properly is portraits. Actually I can, but they are not so flattering since I need to get very close to my subject.


The image quality of the Fuji is beyond any criticism, it’s simply wonderful. I find my M8 to produce better tonality and a better look at base ISO, probably due to the CCD sensor, but shoot beyond ISO 320 and the Fuji gets ahead. And of course the price with an f/2 lens is much much higher.

Since both systems are quite different (the Leica M is an interchangeable lens system and the prices difference is huge), comparison cannot be straightforward, but since I own both of them, I can express my opinion. For those times when I want to carry a larger camera bag, I have found that both cameras can coexist and supplement each other. Instead of investing on a 28mm Summicron I can carry the X100 with me and take advantage of the extra features of the X100.

Overall, I think the X100 (and the newer X100S) is a wonderful camera, and a used X100 can be purchased at a great price. Despite its age, this is a camera that even today can produce beautiful images which satisfy even the most demanding photographers.

Enjoy the rest of the images.





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6 Responses to Fuji X100

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  2. Byrd-2020 says:

    Nice shots Konstatinos.

    The Fuji X100 remains my favourite X series camera (and I own several different models). It will be the one I keep long after the others are gone.

    • kbesios says:

      I totally agree (I can’t believe that I almost sold it once, even if I had done it, I would surely would have bought it back !)

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  4. Stockografie says:


    Thanks for this litte report. I am actually thinking of getting a X100 again. I sold mine and got a X100s but it was never the same.
    Now I have the X-T1 which is a fabulous camera. But the X100 still remains in my mind as a great little companion.
    Thanks again.


    • kbesios says:

      Thank you. The X100 is indeed a classic camera already. I would opt for the XT-1 which I consider it a superb camera, but I already own three different camera systems with lenses, so this is not an option for me. I believe Fuji has really done a great job with the X series and I see new wonderful lenses introduced frequently, it’s one of the best choices today for photographers who don’t want or need a bulky DSLR combo.

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